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11 months ago

mist world: bandit rescue


So we're going to be doing a mission. Airship to voice ends, actually, because that's where the mission kind of starts. Now, I've already done this, like, a lot. 3346, check up. I don't know what's reading like that. Did they change the way I'm using the vocal? I got a VIP card and then I think we have to go. Sorry. Let's take a look. Okay. Yeah. No. So we're going to get to the cabin in an easier way. Enemy zero and the 98.3, whatever you're don't know. Someone's coming through. Someone else. We're going to start going southeast. Southeast. The cabin. You'll hear it there's? Chari. I've done this mission three times. I pretty much know what I'm doing. I'm going to track it. I don't know why. I think they messed something up. Let me wait for the pool down here. There's a wedding going on northwest. Correction. I'm not sure why it's not reading that. Up next is going to be the blessing card. Spammy. Spammy. Spammy. Okay, let's rip selfie. Here we go. This is going to last for about four minutes. All right. All right, let's go. We have a path. Oh, come on. I hear it. The mountain leader, I think. No, the E zero is within ten yards. By the way, whoops following this route? Almost done. All right, so I have the heat. So now we're going to filter by NPC. I'm actually going to all right, we're in another band reader, basically. Let me just now we go in, Tanya, and then we who are you? And we're done. And I get my froggy back. Yay. Heading back to White Street. Oh, I think I passed it. Oh, no, I didn't. I put Mr. Froggy away. I don't need him right now. That's it. All right. That's it. Thanks for listening to the funfilled podcast. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. We are also on [email protected] at Ke Sevenzum. Our twitch is at twitch Tvkevenzum. If you would like to converse with us, you may find us on Mastodon at mastodon. Dot social slash at sign tff. If you want to support us in the form of a monthly contribution, you may leave a tip in the tip jar by going to listen, dot tffodcast.com, and clicking the TiPJAR link. Finally, please consider leaving a five star rating on itunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast. Thanks so much for your support.

welcome to mist world

So, it's time to rescue a kidnapped daughter. If you are lucky enough to be in a gang AKA guild with this mission, do it. I love this mission, it is one of the easiest misdsions besides the one where yhou hnelp to craft a coat.

At the end of the ep, you get to hear a test by eleven labs done in my voice regarding the outro. I hope you like it.

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