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3 months ago

Blind Games Present's: Forza Motorsport: let's paint your car


Welcome to TFFP. It's been a while. It's been a long time! I've been busy studying for an upcoming test, and I had and still have some medical issues I'm taking care of at this moment.


We go over how to paint the cars in forza motorsport 8. If you do not have this game I highly recommend this wonderful mainstream game. The following was written on the audio games net site. I can't remember who wrote it, but I will be pasting the guide in full. Enjoy.

Here's how to paint your car in forza motorsport, this hopefully becomes more accessible in the future, but as of right now it's possible to paint your car easily.

First, select your car in the garage.

Go to design and paint

go to paint car

You will now hear narrator reading about keep it clean message, you can go right and press A on, don't show this message again and the message closes.

Now, this window that appeared after that message won't be read by narrator but it's easy to pass through. the first option from left is apply decals, which we don't want, and I have not discovered how to do. The second option, however, is to paint car. So, enter it.

Now, a list of car parts will be shown to you, I will list them from left to right.

  • body,
  • hood,
  • mirror,
  • wings,
  • wheels,
  • brakes,
  • tint windows

enter any of these, and narrator will come back to life again, giving you full accessibility to your color choice.

go left and right to select a color, up and down to choose saturation. go to the next group, which is the manufacturer colors, and go to the next one after that to see all the special colors!

Note that you'll have more options in the special colors, by pressing X, you can choose brightness, saturation, and hue.

When you're done painting all the parts

go back, the game asks you if you want to save your paint. hit save to current car and your car will be instantly painted!

In the last menu, you can save it to your designs if you'd like as well. and you can rename it, all accessible with narrator.

Use be my eyes, gps 4 vision, google bard, Bing AI to check out your car! you have an option to have it on display full screen when you hit view car, in your garage after you select a car

Have fun.


I would like to thank Super Blindman for all of the advocacy he did on our behalf in making this wonderful game accessible. I've wanted this for a while and how that I have it, I'm in heaven as the song goes. If you want to see some races follow us on peertube. You may also follow us on mastodon as well.

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